I am going to try to challenge your thinking. It is very easy for us to look on things that come into our lives as bad. That is because it makes our flesh uncomfortable or feel bad. So we automatically perceive whatever it is as bad. Because of our perception of things it will affect how we react to whatever the situation is. Let's look at Israel and Moses. God sent Moses to free his children. At first they did not want to go. They were comfortable in their life and their hearts had turned from God. We all know the story. Moses went to Pharaoh and he would not let God's people go. So God sent 10 plagues. The first 3 affected everyone in the Land including God's people. All the water in the land turned to Blood, then the Frogs and the third one was Lice. I am sure the Israelites as all this started were thinking this is very bad. Why is God doing this to his children? I believe that when God decided to send these plagues he didn't look at them as bad. I believe he looked at them as a good thing because he knew that this would turn his children back to him. This to God is a good thing. God does direct things into our life which we often perceive as bad. But if we stop and look at the situation through our spiritual eyes and we look at whatever it is as a thing that is going to grow me closer to God, improve my walk with the Lord or maybe grow me up spiritually it will help us through the situation.

I would like to say that everything that comes into our lives that we perceive to be bad is not sent from God. We all have a free will. Sometimes we suffer at the hands of others and sometimes we suffer because of our own decisions. In these things our promise from God is that he will work all things together for our good. Job is a perfect example of this. God did not direct the things that happened to Job but in the end he work all things for Jobs good.

To give you some personal experiences to help you understand what I am saying. When I was a child I was molested. God did not bring this into my life but I suffered because of someone else's free will and choices. But because of this thing that happened to me I am able to minister to children who have been through this. It makes me compassionate to others who have suffered the same thing. A second example is about 5 or 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and I was very sick a lot. At first I thought this is bad but as God begun to use this disease to show me that I was broken on the inside my perspective of this disease changed. I know that God brought this into my life because it was the only way I was going to see the stuff that I needed to fix through Gods help and direction. 

To close, my challenge is for you to look at the situations in your life first; figure out is this God directed or is this at the hands of myself or someone else's free will. If it is God directed then pray for God to show what his purpose for this is. If it is at the hands of yourself or someone else then remember whatever it is, if you are God's child, then he will work all this out for your good.